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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is this a catchy headline?

 I haven't been here for awhile, so I don't know where to start or where I'll end up.
  I knew where I was going in life earlier before circumstances dictated change. I am at a standstill as to moving forward toward my goals.
 One of my goals was to be able to be able to live within my means on my retirement income. That was quickly nipped in the bud when Katrina came to visit and we had to rebuild our house. The house when up without much of a problem, but then the insurance company decided to raise rates.
 They have done this yearly. A minor wind claim and now they don't have wind policy. Now we have wind and flood insurance through govt underwriting programs.
 Why can't there be One "All Peril" insurance group. One that would cover hurricanes, winds, rain, flood, tornadoes, sink holes, and and earth quakes. If the risks could be spread amongst more people, then the rates would be more affordable.
 Oh my, there goes my blood pressure.
 I'll get into more of my goals later as there have been set-backs on them all. But being alive, I have little choice but to keep plugging away.
 There will be better times. There are silver linings. The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl once, so I guess  pigs can fly and hell can freeze over.
 That it for now, except to come up with a catchy headline.


Gorges Smythe said...

Have you checked any of the mutual ionsurance companies? In theory at least, they're customer owned and should have lower rates.

Bobby said...

We have checked with many companies. Our problem is that we repaired our house, instead of tearing it down, raising the property, and rebuilding.
We live in a new flood plain. Didn't live in one before, but they redid the maps.
Our house is 16 feet above sea level. Never flooded before. Had 8 and a half feet of water from Katrina.
Taking care of the mother in law now. When she moves on, we will probably sell the place and move to Tn.
Until then, we'll continue on this path and enjoy the comforts of this place and the comradery (sp) of our friends.
Thanks for dropping by. I look forward to your posts and comments.

buddeshepherd said...

How about the last line of the post. Pigs can fly and Hell froze over and the Saints won the Super Bowl, I'm buying a lotto!
No, that is too long.

Bobby said...

Hey Budde, I could use a lotto win. Thanks for the idea though.
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.