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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Veterans Unseen Pain

Read this article and wished to share. Not all disabilities are visible.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Still Here and Life Updates

 For those still out here, I want to say Hooray! We made it. I've not ventured forth from the house yet, so I don't know about the rest of the world. The trash truck and school bus came by, so at least some folks were lucky with us.
 Now time for updates.
 As you recall, I was making decisions on going back to school. Well I finally decided. Money was a big factor. Hard to go to school with no tuition funds. They don't really mind you hanging out in the hallways, using the soda and candy machines, but they don't like you sitting inside listening to them without paying for the chair. I guess I could have brought my own chair, but then they'll come up with something different.
 As I became a jack of all trades after service, I didn't use any GI Bill funds. Now with the Veterans Retraining programs coming back, I am eligible and got approved. So after all these years, Uncle Sam and you (tax dollars) are finally letting me back into the classroom. I also received approval for student loans (which I pay for). I'm gonna get a degree!!!
 I'm going to learn Air Conditioning and Heating. With my background in electronics (missile and communications) I will be able to get a job anywhere I go. I'll be able to get away from Govt. bases and big cities. Maybe pay off the house and get out of debt.
 School starts January. Will be in class at 7:30 in the morning. Hadn't been awake and attentive that early in the morning in years. Trying to shift my schedule now. Nodding off at 3 in the afternoon.
 Gotta work on that part.
 Well before I sign off;

 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and anything else you need to say. I hope everyone has a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Early Christmas Moment

 This should help you get in the Holiday spirit.


Friday, December 14, 2012

The Beginning of The End

 Well, what is the world coming to? Pretty bad hearing about the shooting in Connecticut.. Now we're going to hear from all sorts how we need gun control. Why it takes a shooting to get them to talk about this is beyond me.
 If it were up to me everyone would be required to serve two years in the service and learn proper gun control. Of course this will never happen.
 I also think we should restart the draft. Maybe if some of our fearless leaders had some sons/daughters in the service, they would be a little more likely to keep us out of war.
 Of course this won't happen either.
We are doomed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cold Day, Another Post. Must Be Christmas

 First off, Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. And Happy Holidays to the rest.
 In the 40s now. Was in the 30s this morning. Will hit the 50s today and drop back into the 30s tonight. Now I know most of my followers are tough people who would love to have weather like this. The UV is only a 1. I am almost frozen.
 I grew up in N.Ft. Myers Florida. Being from the north side of town got me used to the coldness of winter. Normally it would get to the 40s/50s at night (when you sleep) and back up to the 80s/90s during the day. So now I live in Mississippi (m i crooked letter crooked letter i crooked letter crooked letter i humpback humpback i). This feels like the Great Frozen Tundra. I will surely be glad when the global warming part of the global climate change finds itself back down here.
 Enough of the weather.
 Sorry I wasn't smart enough to be able to find my way here. When Google stepped in to help make my life easier and more reliable, they somehow forgot to help me make this blog easier and me more reliable. Where the hell did the "drafts" go???
 Yesterday was an interesting day. I was summoned for jury duty. I left for the court house early. I got as far as the bottom of my driveway. The car wouldn't go forward. My neighbor came out and help me push it to the side of the road. I'm hoping it's just low on transmission fluid. I've not check it in quite some time, because every time I had checked it before it was good. It was also really cold yesterday so maybe the fluid shrunk. Kinda like other things shrinking in the cold. I will check on it today as the weather warms up.
 Took the wife's car and made it to courthouse with plenty of time to get thru security. And then the waiting began. Had to wait 30 minutes to get inside the room. Filled out forms and waited again.
 Then the names were drawn. One by one. As the names were called we made up groups of 12. After the first 12 were picked, they were sent back outside. Then the next 12, same thing. An hour later we are back in the room. The judge cautions us about talking about the case and then the questions began.
 First one side and then the other. Did we know any of the lawyers? Did our families know any of them. Did we work in a hospital? Did we know anyone who knew anyone who knew anyone that worked in a hospital. Course I knew someone. A lawyer. The wife had worked for him quite a few years back. I didn't hold that against him, and told the judge I would be unbiased.  This went on for another couple of hours. Then we were told to leave the room so they could go over the lists and see who they wanted and who they didn't. Another half hour wait. Then back into the room. The judge called a name and the person was to come take a seat in the jury box. One by one. They didn't call another name until that person was fully seated in the box. Why they couldn't call another name while the first person was walking into the box was beyond me. Apparently justice is slow and deliberate. And I saw it first hand. I wasn't wanted. Pity I had quit drinking.
 Got home around 6. Goods to see the car was still in the street and no one had hit it.
 It makes one realize what is the necessity of doing ones duty. If I were on trial, I would want to make sure there was a level playing field. I saw the two sides. I was bored to be sitting there waiting to be called. But I knew deep down that this was the type of justice I want to have in my life. If I were on trial, I would want someone like me in the jury box. Or at least like me that didn't know one of the lawyers.
 It is amazing, that one accepts this duty, as one is given the right to vote. It is a wondrous thing to be able to vote and at least know that, tho you are not changing the world, you are changing one small piece.
 A mans livelihood and name is on the line. A families life and future will be determined here. For one vote, I had the chance to determine the outcome. I like that.  
 Dang this got long. So much more to say. But that will have to wait. Gotta look at the car. Ok, I've got to fix the car. Either that or fix the fuel lines on the van.
Did I tell you it was freezing outside?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm In

Wow. This googleplus stuff has been a pain. Lost the dashboard. Found it in Gplus. Under the 'more' option. Wasn't wanting to join the + but didn;t seem to have a way back in. Any of y'all have that problem?
Well things are rolling along. Gonna make it another year. Since I been here last, lots has gone on. Write more about that tomorrow.
I really will!!