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Monday, January 30, 2012

Special January Twofer Surprise

 Well, It looks like I'll get in two posts instead of one for the month. Wow. Got you excited yet? Yeah, I know. I had you at "Well".
 As you know, if your a long time follower, (at least since my last post) I am going to try to post at least once per month.
 We are still taking care of the Mother in Law. Don't want to put her in a home. It is getting close. She has Alzheimer's.  There's not much hope for a cure to come along at this late date. It's very hard on the wife. The cats don't seem to mind and the dog whines when she firsts wakes up and starts mumbling. But, it's OK. This is the path we were meant to follow.
  Maybe I should add some links here. Red Remover - The Game Homepage
It's a fun time waster. As has been said before, the higher the level, the higher the difficulty.
 Working on a 87 Ford pickup here. I've had it running a few times. It just doesn't want to start  on the fuel that's there. I need to drain the fuel tanks. It's tastes like varnish. So far, I've got it on stands front and rear. Got the battery on the charger. I also need to replace the emergency brake cable. It's got a rust spot on one of the cab corners, so I will get some practice welding. Still working on the planning stages.
 Got another engine and transmission if needed. Someone had slipped in a C-6 in place of the over-drive transmission. Still wondering whether or not to swap back to the over-drive unit. Ideas/Suggestions?
  Need to get some grocery shopping done. I may do it on the way home from work. There really isn't that bad a crowd at 2 or 3 in the morning. Yes folks, I work nights. It gives me the day free to work on this blog on a daily basis.
 Out of writing time now. Gotta get busy around here. Gutters need cleaning, lawn needs raking.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Monthly Post

I'm still alive and kicking. I haven't posted in a while (duh) and thought that at least once a month shouldn't be too hard of a goal to achieve.

 So this are it!

While traveling the web I found a link (thru Slate) to a 404 error (page not found). While that may not be much in and among itself, this one is a little different. The ones that developed this one, seem to be having a good time.


There's a control panel in the upper right to change the songs.

As always, I hope all is well out there.