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Saturday, March 31, 2012

 Pretty good day to catch up on things, not to mention getting my March post done.
 Tried to catch up on my reading of my followers. Got caught up on one (again) that seemed to make my day. Not so much for the subject matter (interesting), but for the things I learn figuring out what he is saying.
 Now I'm fairly knowledgeable about tools, so when he came up with the Froe, I just had to look it up. I had seen one when I was growing up, (like that will really happen) and I had never had a chance to use it. I went and Wiki'd the Fro.
 Wiki'd. Hmm. has this word evolved? Digressing Bobby, move on.
 This led from one page to another and to make a long story longer, I just had to go back to his blog and see what other tools he could come up with.
 And there I found the Spokeshave.
 Now I've owned a Studebaker, but not the Conestoga  wagon, so I've never had a real need to shave my spokes. I don't know anyone old enough who had ever shaved their spokes, so I figured I needed to learn how to do this also.
 Course then I'll have to buy me the wagon.
 Furthering my education, (yep, that's what I call it), I found this wonderful video on how to use it.
 It is the Song of the Spokeshave. Wow. Words can't do this justice.  This 7 minutes of my life was well spent.
Well Gorges, You've done me in again. Thanks for the learning experience.


ps, I'm still working on publishing links. Gotta figure how to make them say other things. Probably have to copy and paste these.