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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

     Just a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving to all.
School has been an eye opening experience. Finishing up my english and the HVAC/refrigeration class sometime next month. One last paper to write. 
     The classes are not that bad and I come to the realization that I will Not be an english major. I don't mind the reading parts, but  I dislike immensely the writing parts. It seems that writing is all they do in english. I had to go to a cultural event/play so now I am cultured. Kinda like Jethro. If you get a chance to see the musical play Nunsense check it out. If you don't laugh, your probably dead.
     Up next is finding a job. The better half wants to be closer to her relatives, so we are looking for jobs up north. To me, north is Chattanooga, Tenn and to her, it's New England. I just want to find my "Forever Home". A place with some room to turn around without touching your neighbors. Of course if I could find a warehouse with 2000 or more square feet to live in, I could be happy. I need my garage space.
     Well, that about wraps this post up. I will try to write again and keep everyone updated.

Again Happy Thanksgiving.