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Saturday, April 30, 2011

As The World Continues To Spin

Crazy world.
 Milk, pot, scripts,  Farmer Jone's mushrooms. Selling contraband to willing customers. Some things just defy logic.

  Next thing you know, they'll attack granny, because they know better. Oh wait, they already did that. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/aug/11/getting-rid-of-granny/

Why are they protecting us from ourselves? Because we let them. This could be a moral issue or someone could be making money from this.? 

  What can we do? We can get involved. Increase our knowledge of the issues. We can complain. We can refuse to wear the blinders that narrow our focus. The blinders that narrow our minds to the answers. We need to look at the issues. Both sides. Question what we read and hear, in a civil manner.

 You can see where we are at and you can see where we are going. When only 41% turn out to vote, you end up where we are.  http://elections.gmu.edu/Turnout_2010G.html  We are being led by a minority.

I'm not saying there are any left/right  or right/wrong answers. Somewhere, in between, the answer lies.
Only when we make an "informed" vote, will our country return to it's greatness. With our liberties restored. 

But I don't see that happening.

h/t   http://thedailystrumpet.blogspot.com/

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Had a good dream this morning.
I was going to town with my mom, dad, and my sister.
We parked the car and were walking around town sightseeing with my mom and dad. My sister waited by the car.
Saw some strange street names. Marylin Monroe Drive was one. In the course of the walk I went back to get my sister. We hopped into the car, Caddy convertible, and soon we were driving through town. I remember the paint was flaking off the car and it was pretty rusted underneath.
  I asked her to try the horn. It didn't sound like the right horn for the car. Sounded like on of the junkyard horns you throw back in the pile while you search for another. Outside of town it was getting dark. Remember seeing a rockett flying to the sky and returning to the ground. Not a real rocket, but a neon one.
 Next thing to come was a casino. My sister drove the car into an empty parking lot and parked it in the very furthest spot from the entrance. She left the top down.
 We went inside and she proceeded to the cashier booth for change. I wondered around and when I went looking for her, she was gone. I searched upstairs. The casino was still rebuilding.
 Next thing I remember is waking up on a bed and seeing a survey list asking how the accomidations are. In the haze I remember seeing Joke come into focus. After I cleared my eyes, it wasnt there. Just good, bad, needs improvement.
Then I woke up.
 Don't rightly know what this dream meant. Mom and Dad past away a long time ago. My sister, lives in another town with a husband and a pack of kids.
  Maybe it was Mom and Dads way of telling me that things are alright. Life moves on and you will still be with everyone when your turn comes.
 Maybe the dream is telling me that my life needs rebuilding. Like the Caddy. Nice coat of paint over a rust bucket.
 What ever it means, I will look at it as a way for my parents telling me to keep on, keeping on.
 That they are alright and will see me when the time comes. My sister is off on her on and doesn't need my help.

Hope everyone has a nice Easter, with the ones they love.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy Day

  Got a good start on the weekend to-do list.

The front yard is mowed. I went ahead and mowed parts of my neighbors yard also. His slab has been removed and there is still bits and pieces of concrete hidden in the grass. Have raked some of them into piles, so I was able to miss most of them.

 Had to move two turtles so they wouldn't get run over. Had turtles around here for a while. Usually bigger ones. These looked to be about a year old. At least the oil spill didn't get into our bayou.

 It was nice. Going around in circles with no place to go. Not having to be anywhere on time. The noise and the rocks getting thrown out, kept all away.
  It was nice.

 The people across the road are getting the house pressure washed and painted. Looks like the landlord is doing it right. His hire hand was dropped off in the morning, and calls for a ride when he's done for the day. This is his second day.  We had vinyl put on our house, so I just need to pressure wash and paint the door trim.

One more thing for the never-ending list.  Like it or not the grass never gets moved off the list. It seems to grow no matter what.

  Of course I don't always finish the list. I just use it for a guide.. To let me know, when I can ride around in circles with no place to go. This journey was better than the destination.

Did I say..  It was nice.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Sunday

 Sunday and baseball and possibly Nascar later.
  At least after your prayers and thanks to be living another day.
 Have a friend over for the weekend. She knew my wife and MIL from way back. Like when they were kids.
 Mother in law (MIL) has a birthday this week and my wife just had hers. So now we are baking a cake. Going with Red Velvet mix. Friend is icing it know. A Birthday Cake they can both enjoy. And I get a little bit of it, too.
 Learning new tricks with the pre-made icing. Whip it before you use it. Boy, that sounded bad. There's a lesson to be learned there, but I'm not going there.
 I was going to do the front yard, but I need to have time for friends when they have time for me. So the front yard didn't get cut. In the grand scheme of life, it's not a big necessity. It'll wait another day.
 Still a great weekend.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Chocolate ;))

Quick note. Check out Grandma Yellow Hair at   http://grandmayellowhair.blogspot.com/2011/04/back-in-time.html 
She is going to give away chocolate.  Doesn't that excite you?

That's always good to write about.Well, tomorrow is Saturday and I will try to post something longer.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wifes Birthday

 It's that time of the year again.
 Her birthday.
 I was trying to think of what to write about and the wife informed me she  had a birthday coming up. Being the thoughtful husband, that I am, I kept me mouth shut. I don't want  her to think I forgot about it.
 Just saying.
 I'd had these big plans for the day. A day at the spa. An afternoon at the casinos. A moonlight stroll. Maybe take her to one of those fancy organic pizza parlors everyone talks about.
A new car, or washing the one she has. Another house or just finding a broom. Maybe coffee in bed or take her to McDs for the full breakfast experience. Lord knows, You have to be your best that day.
 I'll have to come up with something. Dang, Now that she read this, I can't surprise her with the new house and car. Guess I better get going.
 I know that broom is around here somewhere.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Another Rant To Make Me Feel Better

What in the world are they doing in Washington.
 We have a budget. We need to balance the budget. If we have to live on our income, then the Govt should do the same.
 We need compromises. We don't need grandstanding. We need cuts in spending and we need increased income. Simple economics.
  The problem seems to be the options.
  Social Security is in need of some help. Eliminate it and give it to Wall Street.
  Medicare has problems. Hand it to the insurance companies.
 I just don't understand why we would want to do this.
 Tax cuts were supposed to be grandfather out. Don't you want to increase your income to allow you to increase spending. Isn't that how you balance the books?
 They want to keep tax loop holes for companies that are having massive profits at my expense and companies that pay no income taxes.
 Just what is it that I am not seeing here.
 I see the need for increasing regulations to prevent another Gulf oil spill. I see the need for increased drilling. I don't see the need for increasing the toxins these companies are placing upon our earth. If they can't police themselves, then they need more regulating.
 They convert our food crops into fuel and food prices go up.
 We have switch grasses that can be used for fuel. ....Helllooo. .........Switch grasses that are that are not part of our food supply. And switch grass provides an better decrease in Green House emissions than corn.
 What am I not seeing here. Is it only me that is having a problem with this. Am I not seeing the world from your prospective?
 Help me out here Give me what I am missing. Show me the light. Lead me into the promised land.

There now, I feel so much better.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Morning

 Well I woke up again. Glad there is at least one thing I do regularly. Not that there aren't other things also.
 Let's see now. Got the paper read, and cleaned out the gutters. Now there's a thing I really look forward too. Standing on the step ladder while leaning, way over, to reach into a muck mixture of leaves, trigs, and other assorted oddities.
  There have been bird eggs before, but none today. When I find eggs, I skip that part and don't clean above them. Good a reason as any to miss a spot.
 Of course now that the gutters are clean, I have to clean the back porch. Somebody dropped a bunch of leaves on it. What I could really use is a bendable nozzle for the shop vac. Deal with the stuff only once before they become compost.
 Well, I've gotta get a move on. Clean the porch and mow the yard.
 Then I can watch the race.
 Hope y'all have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st

Another quick note. I'm doing fine here. Work has kept me quite busy. My part time job has turned into more. Almost twice the hours than I needed.
You need to go over to Gorges Grouse.
This is a very insightful study.
Hope all is well with you and I'll write more when I can.