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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Found on the net and thought it was worthwhile.

Just a note.

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Original message
Republicans are for LESS GOVERNMENT INTRUSION in our lives!!Updated at 9:25 PM
They are in an uproar that the government might LIMIT THEIR FREEDOMS!!

They are furious that the government thinks it can RUN THEIR LIVES!!

They are up in arms about the government intrusion into our PRIVATE LIVES!!

How dare the government think it knows better than WE do what's best for US?!!

Well, except for medical decisions about life and death. Families shouldn't be able to decide these things. Congress needs to come back from vacations when it comes to cases like Terry Schiavo's to make these decisions, because they know best.

And except for things that things they need to protect us from, like marijuana. Their job is to make sure we can't make decisions like that for ourselves.

And except for sex. The government knows better than we do what kind of sex we should have and with whom -- otherwise, consenting adults could do all sorts of things the government knows shouldn't be done.

And exchanges of sex and money. Again, who knows best -- two consenting adults, or the government? Why, the government, of course!

And women's uteruses. Where would this country be if women had control of their own bodies? These are decisions for the government to make.

And we must elect more Republicans to make sure the government supports freedom of religion for all Christian conservatives, including their freedom to discriminate against other religions.

And a few other things -- freedom to slander, freedom to commit war crimes, freedom to threaten the president, freedom to carry assault weapons on playgrounds, freedom to stalk 9/11 widows, murder doctors, bomb clinics, use "second amendment remedies," etc. -- but other than that, Republicans are the party against government intrusion into our private lives!!

So vote Republican or suffer the Democratic big-government intruders who want to FORCE you to pay for socialized fire departments, socialized police forces, socialized military forces, socialized schools, even socialized government-run government, against your will!! Where will they stop?!?