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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time for Another Post aka, Write Something Bobby Before Everyone Thinks You Went Away.

 Well it's pouring down rain here. Was thinking that this might be a good time to say hello again and to sheepishly try to  apologize for not writing more. 
 Then I thought I should put these thoughts on paper, but no one reads the papers I write, so that would be a waste.
 Then I decided that I was gonna catch up on my blog reading, cuz reading is a whole lot easier than writing. This led to about a day lost in the web, meeting new friends and learning about a few I will avoid. There are some really foolish people out there. Or it could just be me.
 I usually start on one of the blogs that I follow, then at the top where it say's "Next Blog" or go to or something like that, I'll click that, and I'm off on my trip around the world. The ones I like, I follow, the other, I'll hit the "Go Back a Page" button thingy and head into another direction.
Now some of these folks haven't posted in ages, but I befriended them any way. Don't want any lonely blogs out there. So you may see some new blogs posting updates here. They are a very diverse group and some of them are quite deep. 
 All in all, it seemed like a loss of time, but sometimes time is all you can give to your friends.
 And it was interesting and gave me something to write about.


murphyfish said...

Looking forward to it...

Gorges Smythe said...

I know what you mean. Now if I could just get rid of a certain follower who is just there to draw people to places they shouldn't go. I think I've heard there's a way to do it, but I don't know what it is.

buddeshepherd said...

Bobby, I have found I don't have much to say lately so I won't be passing any criticism. I also find myself wandering the internet. Kind of interesting where you end up.Like your links.
Hey Gorges I apologize, I know every one wants to click on my farmer porn link! (I'm not sure everyone gets the joke...)

Bobby said...

Murphyfish, There's a lot of the web I still haven't seen and lots of links I've left unclicked. Always a story out there. Appreciate you stopping by.

Gorges, I know in Face Book you can block people. Don't rightly know how to do it with the blog. Don't need to be led into temptation. Get into enough trouble on my own. Thanks for the chat.

Budde, love your stories of the town and the restaurant reviews. Hated missing out on the Corvette. You musical tastes are quit eclectic. I hit your porn site often. Now if I could only afford some of them it would be another matter. As the wife says, look, but don't buy. Thanks for the visit.

cathysue said...

hi bobby, i haven't been around much lately either. hope to see more from you soon though.

Bobby said...

Cathysue, I've been working more lately, but I'm gonna try to be more verbose. (threw that word in for Budde). I still read the blogs when I can. How is Max doing? Nice of you to hang in here with me. Thank You.

cathysue said...

thanks for asking. he's almost back to his ole self again.

Ralph Goff said...

Sometimes I guess blogging can become 'work' but it shouldn't be. Its not like there are paying subscribers out there waiting on us to amuse and entertain them. I usually only post something when I feel like it. Plus been busy with harvest lately.