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Monday, June 6, 2011


Not being the long winded type, I find it difficult to keep this blog current. I come up with a great idea for a post, and before you know it, someone else has already written about it. Kinda makes me look like I'm hanging on their coat-tails. They still have coat-tails?
So this time I decided to write about something no one else has. The unwritten subject.
 Now there was a time you couldn't write about the unwritten subject without being subjected to all sorts of derogatory remarks. This kept a lot of good writers away. But I am not a good writer, so these remarks float off my back like water off a duck.
 The places the unwritten subject has been, is neither here, nor there. It has been seen in more places than not, just not written about.
 But I am about to change that.
 How you might ask?
 Well, by writing about it.
 Now that it has been written about, I feel so much better. I can sleep well tonight knowing that the unwritten subject has now come out of the dark. It has seen the light of day and will no longer be subjected to unwritten prose.
 Until next time, keep on the lookout. For what, I have no clue. But then again, you already knew that.


Gorges Smythe said...

Uh....maybe you shouldn't worry about coat-tails, Bobby! :-)

buddeshepherd said...

Have I been a bad influence? Random rambling?

Bobby said...

Gorges, I was thinking of coat-tails at work, for some reason. Don't rightly know why, but since I was thought about it, I figured it important? Your right. I worry too much.

Budde, I got the rambling from someone, so I might as well blame you for it. Maybe not blame. Maybe learned to perfect the technique. Ok, not perfected yet, but I got time to work on it.

Thanks for taking the time, both of you, to comment. I really am gonna try to get this together better. I really Do like. the top of the head, rambling type writing. Get the thoughts right out there before they sink into the fog of my mind.

Pumice said...

This reminds me of being at a Wednesday night prayer meeting and all you get are "unspoken requests."

Grace and peace.

Toyin O. said...

Funny post, I love your unwritten post.

Bobby said...

Toyin And Pumic, Thanks for stopping by and commenting.. It really brightened my day.