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Friday, September 28, 2012

OMG Another Post This Year

Hello again, my friends. Hi to the rest of y'all. Long time, no writing.
First off, everything is going ok. No one's dead here yet. Anyone heard differently?
We are trying to get our lives back into some semblance of order. Moved the MIL into an assisted (lots) living condo. Or so we try to make it seem that way. The accommodations are very nice. Even has a marina.
 She dislikes it. A lot of it could be that she doesn't do social stuff too well. Don't want to meet anyone new, and now she does. Same folks every day, new to her.
  Seems so strange having the house back. Furniture to be moved, refrigerator re-arranged.
 Peace and quiet. Able to sleep as long as you want.
So, now I will go. Try to post more, no promises.


Gorges Smythe said...

Sometimes, you have to look after your own self, or pay the price.

Bobby said...

Hey Gorges, Glad you stopped in. Feels like I'm paying the price.

Ralph Goff said...

I was going to do a blog post about my latest combine breakdowns and lost time in the field but I guess there are worse problems out there. Good luck getting your life back in order.

buddeshepherd said...

If you need any legendary stardust albums to break up the silence, I'm your man!

Bobby said...

Ralph, Waiting for the combine stories. Just amazing what they can do with machines nowadays. Watching you and Budde, I've seen more inside the machines and their operations than I seen in a lifetime of summers throwing hay. Keep them coming.
Budde, I think of you every time I crank up my stereo. Yamaha and JBLs from the late 70s. It was given to me by a neighbor/DJ. Alas it has no turntable. I'm gonna just have to break down and call the radio station more to listen to those endearing classics. Thanks for stopping by.