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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Catching Up On Loose Ends

Merry Christmas to All.
Happy New Year to All also.
Happy Chanukah.

There, I think that about covers me for the rest of the year. It's definitely been a year.

We (the wife) have finally gotten a handle on the mother in laws health care. The VA has done an outstanding job with her. Every time we send her in, she keeps coming back. It's not yet her time. There is still something left for her to do.

The wife is still hanging in there. It's been a difficult road for her. She misses being with the relatives during the holidays. I think she misses being with them other times.

As for me, I am taking some time off. Not going anywhere. Not planning anything. Long time coming.

Be good to get back to work next year.

Hope Everyone had a good last year and wish them the Best for their coming New Year.
of course I wish you the best for for rest of this year also.

So, until we meet again. Same bat channel, same bat time.
Be careful over the weekend. Lots of drunks, and older folk will be out on the streets. And you now how them older folk get.


buddeshepherd said...

Happy new year Bobby!
My almost 93-year-old is sometimes a bit of a challenge for me-and he lives with my brother!

Bobby said...

Thanks Budde.
Best take care of that brother.

JT said...

Happy New Year!