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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Had a good dream this morning.
I was going to town with my mom, dad, and my sister.
We parked the car and were walking around town sightseeing with my mom and dad. My sister waited by the car.
Saw some strange street names. Marylin Monroe Drive was one. In the course of the walk I went back to get my sister. We hopped into the car, Caddy convertible, and soon we were driving through town. I remember the paint was flaking off the car and it was pretty rusted underneath.
  I asked her to try the horn. It didn't sound like the right horn for the car. Sounded like on of the junkyard horns you throw back in the pile while you search for another. Outside of town it was getting dark. Remember seeing a rockett flying to the sky and returning to the ground. Not a real rocket, but a neon one.
 Next thing to come was a casino. My sister drove the car into an empty parking lot and parked it in the very furthest spot from the entrance. She left the top down.
 We went inside and she proceeded to the cashier booth for change. I wondered around and when I went looking for her, she was gone. I searched upstairs. The casino was still rebuilding.
 Next thing I remember is waking up on a bed and seeing a survey list asking how the accomidations are. In the haze I remember seeing Joke come into focus. After I cleared my eyes, it wasnt there. Just good, bad, needs improvement.
Then I woke up.
 Don't rightly know what this dream meant. Mom and Dad past away a long time ago. My sister, lives in another town with a husband and a pack of kids.
  Maybe it was Mom and Dads way of telling me that things are alright. Life moves on and you will still be with everyone when your turn comes.
 Maybe the dream is telling me that my life needs rebuilding. Like the Caddy. Nice coat of paint over a rust bucket.
 What ever it means, I will look at it as a way for my parents telling me to keep on, keeping on.
 That they are alright and will see me when the time comes. My sister is off on her on and doesn't need my help.

Hope everyone has a nice Easter, with the ones they love.


Gorges Smythe said...

The strangest dreams are the ones we remember best.

Bobby said...

It was probably telling me I'm sleeping too much and not working enough.