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Friday, April 22, 2011

Busy Day

  Got a good start on the weekend to-do list.

The front yard is mowed. I went ahead and mowed parts of my neighbors yard also. His slab has been removed and there is still bits and pieces of concrete hidden in the grass. Have raked some of them into piles, so I was able to miss most of them.

 Had to move two turtles so they wouldn't get run over. Had turtles around here for a while. Usually bigger ones. These looked to be about a year old. At least the oil spill didn't get into our bayou.

 It was nice. Going around in circles with no place to go. Not having to be anywhere on time. The noise and the rocks getting thrown out, kept all away.
  It was nice.

 The people across the road are getting the house pressure washed and painted. Looks like the landlord is doing it right. His hire hand was dropped off in the morning, and calls for a ride when he's done for the day. This is his second day.  We had vinyl put on our house, so I just need to pressure wash and paint the door trim.

One more thing for the never-ending list.  Like it or not the grass never gets moved off the list. It seems to grow no matter what.

  Of course I don't always finish the list. I just use it for a guide.. To let me know, when I can ride around in circles with no place to go. This journey was better than the destination.

Did I say..  It was nice.


Gorges Smythe said...

I used to hate mowing the yard - then I got a rider!

Su Whaley said...

Sounds like a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Bobby said...

Gorges, Got me a rider also. Doesn't tire me out near as bad as pushing. Wish I had a tractor with a bush hog.
Su, It can be enjoyable. It keeps the voices in your head quiet.