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Saturday, April 30, 2011

As The World Continues To Spin

Crazy world.
 Milk, pot, scripts,  Farmer Jone's mushrooms. Selling contraband to willing customers. Some things just defy logic.

  Next thing you know, they'll attack granny, because they know better. Oh wait, they already did that. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/aug/11/getting-rid-of-granny/

Why are they protecting us from ourselves? Because we let them. This could be a moral issue or someone could be making money from this.? 

  What can we do? We can get involved. Increase our knowledge of the issues. We can complain. We can refuse to wear the blinders that narrow our focus. The blinders that narrow our minds to the answers. We need to look at the issues. Both sides. Question what we read and hear, in a civil manner.

 You can see where we are at and you can see where we are going. When only 41% turn out to vote, you end up where we are.  http://elections.gmu.edu/Turnout_2010G.html  We are being led by a minority.

I'm not saying there are any left/right  or right/wrong answers. Somewhere, in between, the answer lies.
Only when we make an "informed" vote, will our country return to it's greatness. With our liberties restored. 

But I don't see that happening.

h/t   http://thedailystrumpet.blogspot.com/


Gorges Smythe said...

"But I don't see that happening."

I don't either, Bobby. I don't either.

buddeshepherd said...

Exactly who is there to vote for?
Following 1492 people could leave and go to the "New World."
I think it has been settled...
Not to be negative or anything!
PS, thanks for the link!

Bobby said...

That is also the problem.
Apparently we need to vote for the other guy. The ones we voted for now aren't good. We have who we are given to choose from.

There is no "New World" left to go to. There is one place, in South America, that is off limits to all, save for a lost tribe or so.
I don't think they want us either.

I got the idea for the post from you. Had to tip the hat toward you

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We are not to be trusted to take care of ourselves.

Jimmy said...

Hi great reading your post