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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Shorter Day Than Most

 Well today is the day we move the clocks ahead.
 When I was a young-in, we would be late for church. By the time we got there it would be over. We still went to other peoples houses afterwards for a Sunday get-together.
  There was one place in Alva, Fl. that I remember going to the most. It was a farm house. They had woods to run in, and calf's we tried to ride.
 The food was always plentiful and the ice tea sweet. Good times were had and all helped the family who lived there. All they could give in return was a little home grown food and their time and graciousness.
 This was a simpler time. You actually talked to other people. And people talked to you.
 Sometime soon people will no longer gather together. We will hide in our houses, and text our every word. No one will know abouut body language. They won't pick up on the nuances in our voices.
  The world will be grayer.  It will be a sad time, because the only one talking then will be the ones controlling the media.  Telling us how to think.  One little lie, one little liberty at a time, scaring us into voting for the guy with the most money.
 I can't talk to everyone. I don't own media. But I can go for a walk and talk to my neighbors.
 Did I tell y'all about their cookin'. Now I'm getting hungry. So that's another time.


Gorges Smythe said...

I remember visiting with folks, but no one seems to want to bother or be bothered anymore. It's sad. I'M sad.

buddeshepherd said...

Bobby, The fried chicken made in the old cast iron skillet, the gravy, oh my!
I miss the food and the old timers who made it. When I was little I loved hearing stories about the old days.
I also miss the people from the summers I spent baling straw in Florida. I find like Southern people better than Northerners. I have met people here with no accent and found that they seemed to be nicer and more polite and then I found they had been raised south of the mason-dixon.

Ralph Goff said...

Well I should'nt gloat but never miss the chance to point out that we don't have to change the clocks here in Sask. I've never seen the sense in it.
Yes, Sundays were visiting days. After Church at Grandma's house or the Uncles and Aunts coming here. Now its just another day.

The Griper said...

while there has been some very good changes over the years I'd have to agree that this was not one of the changes I think was beneficial.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just found you tonight from Gorges site and I am now a new follower. Looking forward to getting to know you.
I do miss how we visited with our neighbors when I was growing up. Now like you mentioned everyone is inside working on their computers.
Makes me wonder what will it be like in another 10 years.
Take care

Sr Crystal Mary said...

Hiya Bobby, I well remember those times also. People cared, not about being better than the other but enjoying life together. I come through Gorges..God Bless from Queensland, Oz.

Covnitkepr1 said...

Time goes by and people change...not sayin' its right...just a fact. We don't get invited out much but we do invite in 4 to 5 times a month.

Came over to visit from Gorges's blog. I'm your newest follower...hope you'll pay me a visit and do the same. Either way...I'm in for the "long haul."

Bobby said...

Wow, I'm so amazed. So many folks from so many places.

Gorges Thanks for sending so many followers to this site. You got some pull in this blogosphere. Hope that's a word.

Budde, Chicken and mashed taters. Now there is some good grub. Gotta have some collard greens and corn bread as well. Down south we grew up with manners and the belt was hanging on the door. If you catch my drift.

Ralph, not all of the world has the smarts to not use DST. You very lucky not to having your sleep cycles screwed up twice a year.

To The Griper, I have to agree.

Grandma Yellow Hair, Crystal Mary, and covnitkepr1. Thanks for taking a risk and clicking my blog. I miss the old days. People and time indeed change. I look forward to reading your writings and following your ideas.

Welcome everyone. This is a friendly blog. Feel free to stop in anytime. If I'm not here, I'll leave the door unlocked.