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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Amazing what can be found on the web.


Apparently, Monsanto can do no wrong. Once you start, your obligated to them for life.


buddeshepherd said...

Bobby, There are no more small farmers who can vote by principle or pocketbook. I'm talking about the farms of old that were semi-self sufficient with the old balanced rotations of crops and a few livestock. Those folks produced kids that knew how to work and knew how things worked.
The modern farmer is a business manager and I think tends to go for the short term profit. Plus, the farmer has borrowed so much money he has to maintain max cash flow.
The new small farmers are a growing trend but they are more motivated by ideology and have their own little world. (The Blue Goat sort)
It is a different world and Monsanto is the new world.
I think RR corn is pointless because of the tech agreement and the tech fee. The tech fee is so high you could cultivate one time for that price. But, if you farm 5,000 acres you are not going to cultivate...
This is my opinion.

Bobby said...

Ah the days of old. The farm that Grandpa had had just a few cows and a couple of chicken houses. The eggs were the money maker between the crop harvests. I believe he only grew @ 30 acres.
Those were the days of large families, because family showed up for work.
They were also more practical in their work and tools. If it was broke you fixed it. You didn't throw it away just to buy another.
Sadly those days are gone.