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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Partly Cloudy

 Sounds about like my life. Well it's been a while since I last posted and I promised myself I was gonna write some things, so here goes.
  I tried to start a story about my cars I had growing up, but sometimes the order, I had them in, gets confusing. So I'm gonna list some of them and try to place them in some period of time.
 Since I started with Thunderbirds, I'll just update the list.
 My first ones were the two 1960s. I also acquired a 63 from a junk yard, that only needed a freeze plug to fix. It had the 406 engine and the swing-away steering column. It was moroon in color, with a black interior.
 Then there was the 67 I got from a finance company. $400.00 for that one. It had the best back seat of the bunch. Also drank the most gas. These were all in use when I was in high school between 72 and 74. I went through them so quickly.
 There was always just one more. I was on my parents insurance policy with 5 cars at one time. After my second ticket for speeding, the company dropped me. Boy did I learn a lesson fast. Don't be stupid and get caught. Or was it just don't be stupid.
 When I got married, we bought an 85 model. This was around the mid 90s. Can't remember the exact year, because the love of my life was brighter than my keeping track of dates.(I'll see if this works when I miss our anniversary). It had the v6 and was reliable. It was a big change over the earlier ones. If I'd had the time and money, I would've put a little 302 in it. That would have made a world of difference.
  Now that they aren't made anymore, I guess I'll just keep them in my memories.
And keep an eye out for another homeless one.


Ralph Goff said...

I bet Ford would make some good sales if they resurrected the late fifties to sixties Tbirds on a modern chassis and power train. Interesting how the Mustang has hung in there over the years.
So her Daddy didn't take the Tbird away? That BeachBoys song reference might be lost on the younger generation but its the first one that came to mind while reading this.

Bobby said...

Got that song in my head now. I loved them old Tbirds.
Ford would have to forgo all the plastic. Put some real metal/stainless into their interior trim. Give the cars a frame, like a shortened Crown Vic frame. Make them solid.
Otherwise I think you would end up with an over optioned mustang.