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Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Day in Time

 Started typing the title and thought of the Dr Who series. Wondering when they will start it up over here again. It was so good with the older doctors. Now that it's getting revised, it takes some getting used to.

 Got laundry going today. Remembering the times I helped my mom do it. Hanging them on the line in the back yard. They always smelled so good. Now a days we jut throw a dryer sheet in and try to get the same freshness. It's not the same.

 Big oil spill out in the gulf. Not at our beaches yet. Lots of dead turtles and jelly fish. The jelly fish I don't mind so much. The turtles, so sad...they had so much  to live for.

 Nice day today. The clouds are light, so it looks like a good day to lay out. Get caught up on my magazine reading. We order 5 or 6 magazines and if I don't make the time for them they won't get read. Been giving them to the neighbor when I finish. He takes/sends them to Afghanistan for his company to read. They seem to enjoy them. They keep taking them.

 Well gonna stop now while I still got ideas in my head for tomorrow. Just hope I don't have a senior moment and let them out.

  Until I write again,
  play nice.


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