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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday, Miss., And Crawfish

Bright sunny day today. Started out in the 60s and should top out around 77 or 78.
 Will be going to the Crawfish Music Festival today. Well, actually, I'll be going to the Crawfish Cookoff, which is part of the festival. With a 12 dollar tasting ticket, you get the opportunity to taste all of the teams recipes. This ought to fill me up pretty good.
File:Dish of crawdads.jpg
 All that's needed now is the corn and potatoes. Usually they are thrown into the boil with the bait, I meant delicacy.
 To tell the truth, I grew up in Fla. We fished with shrimp and we ate shrimp. Only after I moved to Miss. did I hear of eating crawfish. They also fish with them, but they remove the claw so that they cant fight the fish. Poor defenseless bait.
 Did I tell you they taste good?
 About like any other seafood from the same family. The differences in the taste or the differences in the seasonings they boil them in. You can flavor them to taste anyway you want. Just don't forget to purge them before you start, so that they clean themselves out.
 Well it's about time to go. Will try to catch the crawfish races too. So exciting. (sarcasm). Next thing you know, they'll make leashes for them to sell as designer pets.
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Gorges Smythe said...

Man, that looks good!

IanH said...

I had a chance to have some crawdads a few years back while in Louisiana. Man, were they good! And spicy. Actually, the swelling went out of my tongue in about three days.

buddeshepherd said...

I see crawdad traps in our little river. I'm kind of afraid to eat them, bottom feeders and all.
I'd rather eat crawfish I didn't know.
I caught a little bass sunday. Boy he was mad. I dropped my lure when I was pulling out the hook and he hit it again when I dropped him back. If he was just a little bigger I would have eaten him.

Bobby said...

Gorges, it sure was.

Ian, Some of the folks think that the hotter it is the better. I prefer it a little less so.

Budde, Yes they are bottom feeders. You need to purge them first. We usually put them in an ice chest and fill it full of water. Sprinkle salt on top and wait awhile, (30 min. or so), then dump and refill the water and do it again. Cleans them out pretty good. Some only do it for 15 min., but as long as you do it, your good to go.

I appreciate y'all stopping by and commenting. Thanks.

Inger said...

Those are some big crawfish! My hubby is from New Orleans, so he buys them at the NO Fish Market in Los Angeles, but they are not that big. Thanks for signing up to follow my blog, I am doing the same here.