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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life Everchanging

 Well, I've got just two more days at work. I did give two weeks notice and have continued to work overtime to help them out. My back has been acting up, I can't continue to work at the level I like, and I'm tired of taking pain pills on a daily basis.

 Gonna fix up the house and garage so when the MIL decides to leave us, we can move to Tenn. or Tn. for the younger crowd out there.  Looking to find around 3-10 acres to settle in on. Somewhere around Knoxville. Don't know which side of the city has better property values. Any one out there know the place?

Now for the monthly link. A Chrysler training video for your viewing pleasure.



Gorges Smythe said...

Sorry to hear about your back. Hope it improves soon!

Bobby said...

Gorges, my back has it's moments. If I continue to work freight, it will never stabilize.
Lawn mowers, pressure washers, and patio furniture are the worst for me. Stacked 8 feet tall.
Says on the box, 2 man lift. I'd be there all night if I had to wait on someone else to help.
Couldn't have them high schoolers and other young whipper-snappers out-working me.
Pride before the fall and all that.
Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your comments.