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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thinking and Organizing

Hello again to all of y'all out there. Things are still progressing as usual.
Using some of my time getting my garage a bit more organized. Now I gotta let you know, it takes time to organize a garage. You have to sit out there and look at the stuff, figure out where it should go, figure out that it won't fit. And then figure out another place you can put it. Then you only have to move a few things to squeeze it into the spot, only to realize you now got a few other things that need to be moved to their "Forever Spot". (kinda like a "Forever Home" for pound puppies, but for tools). And then you repeat the cycle over again, knowing you'll get the same result. Lots of sitting and staring into the distance is needed at this point.
 I finally cut the tree off of my back fence. It had fallen across a corner, but missed the corner post. New caps and top posts and it will look as good as used. A lot of thinking and staring will be required for this job also.
Well, my head is about empty. Time to head for the garage for more of that work. 


Ralph Goff said...

I find "organizing" the garage and anything else is a bit of a compromise. Sometimes I will find things I had forgotten I ever owned. And next time I am looking for something , nothing will be where I think it should be. Thats the excuse I use anyway.

Gorges Smythe said...

I used to be better organized, but I gave it up for Lent about 29 years ago and never went back to it.

Bobby said...

Ralph, I like to think that everything has a place and a purpose. Guess the militia did that to me. It's nice when I find new old things. My problem is finding old/new projects. I only need one more part and this will be a fine item. I hate getting rid of anything. Even a broke clock is right twice a day. Thanks for stopping by.
Gorges, the things we give up for Lent. You could probably write a post on just that. Glad you could stop in.

JT said...

I want to have things organized but I am overwhelmed with disorganization. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

They got a lot for their movie, I'll say that...and by the time it's fully put together, this entire scenario is a done deal.
It's certainly CANNES material.

Pumice said...

I just put things where my wife tells me, it saves time even when you factor in the fact that I moved it last time.

Grace and peace.

Bobby said...

JT, I have to reorganize often. I still can't find things. Thanks for stopping by.
Michelle, I'll have to check out the movie. Glad you visited.
Pumice, being married has its upsides. My wife can usually tell me wherever I laid something down in her house. Thanks for stopping in.