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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here's The Musing Parts

 Well it's that time again. Time to sit at the keyboard and try to see what I can come up with.
 Read somewhere that Israel traded about a thousand of prisoners for just one soldier. He must have been a pretty special soldier to be worth so much. Or are the prisoners just not worth that much at all. So now the ex-prisoners can renew their vows to their cause. Let the killing begin.
 Went to the garage a looked over my old Pontiac. It a 1970 GTO Judge convertible. It went thru the Katrina Flood and some how is going to get put back together. It was in a garage before the hurricane and when then garage went it carried the roof for awhile. It needs a total restoration. If it weren't so rare, I'd just buy something else and be happy. I started tearing it apart after I got it in it's new garage. Spraying everywhere I could get to with rust preventative. I've got it almost torn down. Still have to get the interior out. Got me a welder lined up, don't know really how good he is, but he has welded exhaust pipe for me that hasn't fallen off.
 Mother in law got back from the hospital today. Clean bill of health. Except for the illness. And the personality. At least everything is new for her. I just wish she had better shorter memory. It puts a strain on the wife seeing her mother like this. Being a 24 hour a day caregiver. Going day by day, one step closer to not being known.
 My mother had Alzheimer's. Nothing is so hard as seeing her and her not knowing who I was. 
Well, time to go.
Will write more later.



Gorges Smythe said...

I had a very dear great aunt who had Alzheimers. The saddest times were the ones when she was just aware enough to realize how far gone her mind really was.

Bobby said...

Gorges, This MIL still has those moments. Hard to believe she stayed by herself for so long before we moved her in here. Thanks for being here.

buddeshepherd said...

A 1970 Judge convertible?!!! What motor? That is somewhat a rare one.
Sorry about the MIL. I have an uncle who is getting that way. It is very difficult for him as he knows it is happening.

Bobby said...

Budde, It has the Ram Air Three motor. Automatic. All matching numbers. It was my dads before he passed away. He burnt some pistons up, (too lean). Need to redo the guts of the motor for it to run on unleaded fuel.
The MIL did time in the Navy back during the 40s. That helps some with the VA taking care of the hospital work/labs and tests. She has no idea she is sick, just that she is very forgetful.

Anonymous said...

I wish your website could fit much better on my blackberry . I trust that you may well tackle this affair when you can .

Before I go, allow me thank you for your understanding with my English as (I'm sure you have become aware this at this time ,), English is not my first language accordingly I am using Google Translate to shape out what to enter what I sincerely have in mind to voice.

buddeshepherd said...

Missing your missive

Bobby said...

Anon, There is only so much I can do to this blog to help it work better with your blackberry. Fonts come to mind, but I don't know which way to go.

Budde, me too.
Today's the day.