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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not the End of the World.

Are we still here?
 So this is what heaven is like. Kinda feels much the same as before. Kinda glad that the world didn't up and quit on us. Maybe there were a few that made the trip. There were quite a few folks in the obituaries today. Of course I'll have to wait till Monday to see the ones that went with Saturdays Rapture.
 Started to fill up the pool. It's holding water pretty good. In other words, No Leaks! Shut the water off about a foot low last night, so I wouldn't forget and let it run all night. I'm sure the grass would've loved that.
 The grass is dying out. Maybe it got Raptured? Does it have a soul? Do trees have souls? Can you be reincarnated as a tree or a blade of grass? Ashes to ashes and all that stuff.
 Haven't had to mow in a while. I don't mind that so much as the crackling of the blades under my feet. At least I live in a place that allows me to have a yard of my own and lets me decide when to take the life of the lawn.
The Mother in Law is still with us. Must not have been the right Rapture for her. We know she is perfect, just ask her. Maybe she will find the right Rapture in the future. Is there another one planned for 2013?
 Well I probably wrote too much already. Probably upset some of the spiritual types who were planning on not being here today, and now having to get ready to go to church. But on the bright side, there will be plenty of there friends waiting for them.
 Now I have to get my act together. Try to act like the responsible one.
 Aw shucks. I'm gonna finish the pool.


Gorges Smythe said...

I don't know why you care about the pool. The world ended yesterday, you know!

Bobby said...

Gorges, The cats seem to like to sit on top and lap up the water. Trying to make it easier on them in these troubling times.