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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Another Rant To Make Me Feel Better

What in the world are they doing in Washington.
 We have a budget. We need to balance the budget. If we have to live on our income, then the Govt should do the same.
 We need compromises. We don't need grandstanding. We need cuts in spending and we need increased income. Simple economics.
  The problem seems to be the options.
  Social Security is in need of some help. Eliminate it and give it to Wall Street.
  Medicare has problems. Hand it to the insurance companies.
 I just don't understand why we would want to do this.
 Tax cuts were supposed to be grandfather out. Don't you want to increase your income to allow you to increase spending. Isn't that how you balance the books?
 They want to keep tax loop holes for companies that are having massive profits at my expense and companies that pay no income taxes.
 Just what is it that I am not seeing here.
 I see the need for increasing regulations to prevent another Gulf oil spill. I see the need for increased drilling. I don't see the need for increasing the toxins these companies are placing upon our earth. If they can't police themselves, then they need more regulating.
 They convert our food crops into fuel and food prices go up.
 We have switch grasses that can be used for fuel. ....Helllooo. .........Switch grasses that are that are not part of our food supply. And switch grass provides an better decrease in Green House emissions than corn.
 What am I not seeing here. Is it only me that is having a problem with this. Am I not seeing the world from your prospective?
 Help me out here Give me what I am missing. Show me the light. Lead me into the promised land.

There now, I feel so much better.



Gorges Smythe said...

Bobby, somehow you seem to expect Washington to be logical, yet average American morons vote even worse morons into office. SURELY you don't expect anything good to come out of Washington!

Unknown said...

What your rant describes in some part is "Cronie Capitalism" at work with Big Government. Big Brother is never the answer to the problem--less government influence is. And "health insurance" is a myth--Health Care is a personal responsibility--not a right of social justice. Welcome to my blog. Right or wrong, I will stir the pot!

Bobby said...

Gorges, I realize it's foolish expectations. The taxpayer gets the shaft again and nothing gets done. Of course we know that the morons are the ones that don't vote. It may only be a right, but it should be a duty. The percentages of people who are willing to be led by someone they don't know,is unfathomable. Get out of the cocoon. Get educated on the issues. And then vote! If you don't vote, I don't want to hear you complain.

Scott, "Cronie Capitalism" seems to be "Whose hand is in whose back pocket" Not saying it's true, but I have a feeling that one or more of these office holders are being paid for their votes.
BTW thanks for the welcome. Found your blog through Eye of Polyphemus through the Lazy Farmer. It seemed like a nice place to go to.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...


The Griper said...

ok, bobbie, a few questions;

if you want government to live within its means then you must have representatives who will vote for it. that means that the people must vote for change. that also means that the people must be willing to deny themselves of all of the goodies that the government offers them. where are you going to find these voters?

oil spills by their nature are accidental acts. and regardless of how much regulation there is they will inevitably occur. so you tell me what kind of regulation there is that will prevent these accidents from occuring?

as for food turned into fuel my question is who encouraged these companies to invest in the idea in the first place other than government with their big tax writeoff laws and regulating the other sources of energy?

Bobby said...

Kinda agree that we won't find the voters. And we will not be able to deny ourselves what we have already. Nobody wants to give up food stamps. or disability check. There are probably a few veterans who couldn't give up their benefits. We have to pay bills. What I can see is a line item veto power for the president. If everything in the bill is good, then it should still be a worthy bill without some items. Like that bridge to no-where.

Oil spills are accidental, but the killing of people due to negligence, is not. The Gulf Oil Spill left many questions about the data reported and how it was being used. The laws need better teeth in them. Make the following of the existing regulations more cost efficient than not.

As for food. Looks like Monsanto is now in the food and fuel markets. Could it have been planned that way? Until we close the tax loop-holes and make companies pay their fair share, we won't get much better.

Getting us out of three wars would go a long way toward balancing the budget. But then the Military/Industrial lobbyist would be upset. So I guess that will never happen.

Bob West said...

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All the best, Bob West