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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ice Cream

Getting caught up with the world and thought back to the better times.
I remember a time when I was growing up and we would make time as a family to enjoy some ice cream. Mom would mix it up in the kitchen, while dad would set up the machine with the ice. A lot of times we had banana flavored. With real bananas. Nothing was artificial. Real sugar, probably from Immokolee (sp) Fl. where they had the cane fields.
Mom would pour the mix in, Dad would set the silver lid on. Then the crank assembly was added, some more ice, some salt and then he waited.
You see, while he waited, I was the one churning the crank. It would start out real fast and easy. Give me a big grin on my face That I could spin it so quickly. Dad would just smile. We talked a bit about everything back then. Fishing, his cars, the old homestead in Ga., and time stood still. There where no worries.
It was a very special time back then. I wish I knew how special it was gonna be. In my dads last few years, we would sit on the porch and talk. He would ask what needed to be done at my house and I just wanted him to sit and enjoy life. We drank alot then. Something we didn't do when I was younger at home.
As Budde would say, I digress.
My arm would be getting tired. I could see the silver tub spinning slower. My arm would feel like lead. It just wouldn't spin no more. Dad would grab a hold and it would start spinning like nothing. After a few minutes he would declare it done and then we would wait. After it sat awhile he would rinse off the top, to get the salt off. He'd remove the crank and lid and there it would be, in all its glory. Home made ice cream.
There is nothing like the taste of fresh ice cream. Having it freeze the top of your mouth, on a warm summer day. So smooth and tasty.
I haven't had home made ice cream since I moved away from home, back in the 70s. Life got busy and I never had time.
This summer will be different. I gonna make the time.
And life will be good again.
Mom and dad, I'm thinking of you. I love and miss you and will see you one day.
Please lord, let it be after my summer ice cream.

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