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Sunday, January 23, 2011

On a Roll Now.

 Another lazy day here.

 Had to watch both football games. At least I didn't have a problem hearing them. They were pretty good, and if the losing teams had showed up in the first half, it might have had a different outcome.
As it was, I didn't have a horse in the race, so it really didn't matter who won.
 I usually cheer for the Saints or the Buccaneers. Growiing up in Florida, I remember the streak that Tampa had when they started. It was one of the first pro games I attended. Needless to say, they lost. And a few more after that, But back then, it was my home team.
 I grew up in Ft. Myers and got stationed at McDill AFB. Talk about good times, McDill will be another topic later.
Well now I;m gonna wind this down and research grass seed.
Take care y'all


buddeshepherd said...

I worked a couple summers in the Florida panhandle. Spent a couple weekends at Panama City Beach. Learned to water ski on the Apalachacola (sp) Sometimes my wife and I talk about moving to Key West and becoming bums and selling trinkets on the beach but our 9 year-old daughter says that is crazy talk. So we just sit here in the rain and mold and get depressed.

buddeshepherd said...

PS, there is a chance that someone from Florida that knows me has suggested that you look up the Lazy Farmer. If so... There are stories I could tell, but then I guess, he could as well...

Bobby said...

The panhandle is a good area. I was stationed at Eglin for awhile and got to love those beaches as well. Nothing like mild weather to make one complacent. I been to Key West once. I was just a wee lad at the time (could't drink) at probably missed the best spots.
Taxes are what's killing Fla. as a place for me to move to. I've plenty of friends that have moved away because of that.
The stories we could tell from that time. I got run out of Crestview and told not to come back by the police back in the 70s. That was for drag racing and other things I can't say here.
Should have made this a post instead of a comment, but you got a freebie. lol.

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